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  • Uncategorized So what is an influencer? According to Webster, an influencer is someone that influences someone or something. Super simple, right? These days it gets a little more complicated.  In today’s world and pop culture, an influencer is one of those people that runs the internet or... Welcome to This weeks Tip "NICHING DOWN" In Real Estate (and business in general) it's best to NICHE DOWN. Maybe you're a fresh new agent and that sounds like a dumb idea - Why would you risk losing business because you are focused on only one? < That's not what... Estate is dependent on the economy but most importantly it is dependent on your clients. What they think their dollar is worth and who they deem worthy.  We’ve seen it happen before, but everything can change at the drop of a dime - in our... hypothetical situation: you want to buy/sell your home. You have no recommendations from friends or family. (or maybe you do, but you're just not sure! you want to just stalk what else is out there) you go online to find someone you think will be a good fit... iGUIDE is not just a 3D Walkthrough, it's a single-page listing platform. You can provide photo, video, floorplans, and even an interactive measurement tool - all in one place! AGENTS! We’ve got your back which is why we decided to go with the Iguide System versus...

Social media has changed the way we communicate with our audiences and how we market ourselves. For many real estate agents, you’ve started to take advantage of it and entered a new way of showcasing your different home listings and personality. So whether you are...

    THE ULTIMATE GUIDE HOW TO PREPARE YOUR HOME FOR REAL ESTATE PHOTOGRAPHY/VIDEOGRAPHY This article will provide you with all of the information that you need to know about preparing your home to have professional real estate services done.   A LITTLE BIT OF PREPARATION GOES A LONG WAY You want...

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